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Maximizing Compensation For Serious Injuries

When a semi tractor-trailer collides with a car, catastrophic injuries and even death are often the result. Time is of the essence in securing the medical care you need. In addition, legal representation is vital to hold the responsible parties accountable.

The attorneys at Skelton Slusher Barnhill Watkins Wells PLLC combine 70 years of experience in complex personal injury claims involving serious injuries and death. In fact, few areas of Texas exist where we have not represented our fellow state residents dealing with tragic times.

Negligent Acts That Turn Dangerous And Deadly

Truckers are often pressured to travel faster and for longer amounts of time. An overworked and sleep-deprived operator behind an 18-wheeler or other truck becomes a danger to any nearby vehicle. Truck accidents also occur when cost-cutting results in poor maintenance of a truck or a trailer that is significantly overloaded.

Investigations must be immediate and in-depth. The legal team for the trucking company will waste little time in getting to the accident site. You need an attorney who will take equally proactive steps. We gather the information necessary, including logbooks, black box data, maintenance information and the trucker’s driving record.

Simply stated, we get to the facts of your accident and fight to maximize your compensation. While no amount of money can turn back the clock, you are entitled to secure justice following acts of serious negligence.

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