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Common causes of trucking accidents

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2022 | Injuries |

With every advance in automobile technologies, the roads we drive on become safer for everyone. Despite these advances, trucking fatalities are at a 30 year high. With how common fatalities have become even with all the safety features that new cars have, what is causing these accidents?

Truck drivers have a lot of responsibility while they are on the road, and neglecting these responsibilities can be a fatal decision. Below are four common causes of truck accidents.


Truck drivers often work under a tight schedule. Whether they are trying to meet a delivery time or they are trying to get ahead of schedule, driving too much can result in driver fatigue. This fatigue can be especially dangerous for someone who falls asleep behind the wheel of a vehicle that weighs several tons.

Poor maintenance

18-wheelers require a lot of maintenance. Headlights, brake lines and pads, and windshield wipers are only a few of the things that a driver is responsible for maintaining. Regardless of whether the driver chooses not to maintain their truck because of ignorance or negligence, any resulting accidents can be the truck driver’s liability.

Intoxication or drugs

A truck driver who chooses to drink and drive is undoubtedly dangerous, but other substances can also be dangerous. Caffeine pills and other substances that keep the driver awake can also inhibit their ability to operate their vehicle safely. No matter how much control a person thinks they have while under the influence, there is always a chance for a catastrophic accident.


Cell phones can be a major distraction for any driver, truck drivers included. Whether a driver is using their phone to update their GPS or if they are taking a call, the phone still commands too much attention from them. It takes less than a second to cause a life-changing accident.

Do not take your safety for granted

If you are driving near a commercial truck, remember they are just as capable of causing an accident as anyone else, except their accidents are much worse. Any number of things can cause an accident, so be sure you are giving these trucks additional space to avoid any accidents they may cause.

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