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Texas gas flaring regulations could change as early as this fall

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2020 | Oil And Gas |

Businesses of all types have to follow certain rules and stipulations. If businesses do not comply with the regulations set forth under state and federal laws, owners could end up facing serious penalties. As a result, it is important that company owners stay updated on regulatory changes and how they could affect their operations.

Texas business owners in the oil and gas industry may be interested in possible regulation changes regarding natural gas flaring. This process helps get rid of the natural gas that stems from oil drilling but that companies cannot sell due to safety concerns or economic reasons. With natural gas flaring, toxic chemicals and pollutants are released into the open air as the gas burns, and this release has raised environmental concerns because the carbon the process adds to the air could contribute to the continual increase in global temperatures.

In efforts to reduce the amount of environmental damage that gas flaring could cause, state regulators recommend limiting the window for administrative approval of gas flaring from 180 days to 90 days. Other regulatory changes were also proposed, including tracking the disposal of gas and accruing more accurate data relating to gas flaring practices. Some of the regulations could go into effect as early as the fall of this year.

Regulations for business operations are often necessary to protect communities, the environment and the economy. Of course, it can be difficult for business owners to stay on top of regulatory changes because they can come suddenly and sometimes be unclear. If Texas business owners are concerned about complying with gas flaring regulations, they may wish to contact attorneys knowledgeable in regulatory compliance.

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