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Making an appealing real estate purchase offer

On Behalf of | May 22, 2020 | Real Estate |

Finding the perfect home is many Texas residents’ dream. It can take weeks and months of looking and going to open houses before finding one that really feels like home. When that happens, it can be exciting, but as with any real estate transaction, the chance exists that it could fall through.

To avoid possibly missing out on the home of their dreams, buyers may want to carefully consider their offer. The offer can include the price the buyer is willing to pay and address any contingencies the buyer may want in place before fully moving forward with the deal. However, buyers may want to be careful about the requests that they make because some contingencies and seller concessions could be a turn off to sellers, especially in a seller’s market.

In addition to the necessary documents associated with buying a home, potential buyers may also want to consider writing a personal letter to the seller. This could be a strong bargaining chip if multiple offers are on the table. If the buyer makes a personal connection with the seller by explaining in a letter how much the buyer cares about the home and could envision living there happily, the seller may feel more willing to part with it in favor of that buyer.

Of course, any time it is a seller’s market, buyers may need to be more vigilant about protecting their rights and interests. As a result, it may be wise to run any offers made and contract terms considered by an experienced real estate attorney first. This legal professional can act as an advocate for Texas homebuyers who want to ensure that their transaction goes smoothly.

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