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Trade secret theft could lead to commercial litigation

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2019 | Commercial Litigation |

Most companies in Texas and across the country cannot function without the help of their employees. As a result, employees may need to be let in on trade secrets and other important information to help them perform their work-related duties. However, if employees misappropriate those trade secrets or steal proprietary information, commercial litigation could result.

It was recently reported that two former Apple employees are accused of stealing trade secrets. Currently, the two individuals are facing criminal charges for the alleged theft. Reportedly, one individual took over 2,000 files from Apple that contained information from Apple’s secure databases. The other former employee allegedly took files relating to the company’s self-driving car program and then stated that he was going to work for a competitor. It was noted that both men pleaded not guilty to the allegations.

Apple recently expressed concerns that the two men, who are both from China, were flight risks. Their attorney indicated that neither man showed any signs of violating their pretrial conditions. However, the wife of one of the men reportedly indicated that the man tried to flee to Canada when agents searched his home.

Though the two individuals are currently facing criminal charges, it is possible for Apple to take civil legal action against them as well. Commercial litigation could allow the company to seek compensation for damages that may have resulted from the trade secret theft. Texas business owners may also have this option if they believe that their trade secrets were misappropriated, and it could be in their interests to discuss this type of legal action with a business litigation law attorney.

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