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Not complying with regulations leads to penalties for businesses

On Behalf of | Dec 10, 2019 | Regulatory Compliance |

It was recently reported that nearly $900,000 in penalties were levied against multiple businesses in Texas for regulations violations. Reports stated that 17 entities were fined, and all of the violations were related to environmental regulations. Of the 17 businesses fined, two of them were located in Central Texas, and it was noted that they had already paid their fines, which totaled over $70,000.

A gas station reportedly violated 10 environmental regulations and is facing over $60,000 in fines. Current reporting indicates that the business did not conduct tests, keep records in relation to the regulations, and failed to report a suspected substance leak. The majority of the violations for one business apparently pertained to not getting approval for a Water Pollution Abatement Plan before construction began.

As this report shows, not complying with regulations can cause serious issues for businesses. It is important that businesses understand the steps they need to take before starting their projects, such as obtaining proper approvals before construction. It may be wise for business owners to consult with knowledgeable Texas attorneys who understand the regulations involved with operating a business. Having this assistance could help owners avoid violations in the future.

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